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Standard poodles living happily ever after...

If you need to surrender your Standard Poodle for any reason, please contact MSPR before taking it to a shelter!  A shelter is stressful, confusing, and scary for dogs, and they can easily fall into the wrong hands! We can provide a safe, loving, and quiet transition to a new home. Our extensive adoption process ensures that poodles go only to the best homes. 


Because we are a breed-specific rescue, we have the knowledge and experience to deal with the unique needs of a Standard Poodle.  We do not charge to rehome your poodle, and ask only that you are forthcoming about imperfections, issues and circumstances that have led to your decision to rehome your poodle; we are not judgmental and we want to find a perfect match between your poodle and a new owner. 


We treat the placement of each poodle as if we are re-homing our own dog, so we do not adopt out dogs on a first-come/first-serve basis.  Instead, we work hard to match a dog's needs to an owner's capabilities.  We are passionate about the sweet, sensitive nature and elegant beauty of the Standard Poodle breed, we have many resources, and we are here to help.

Visit us on Facebook to see some of the poodles available for adoption. Our website is not regularly updated.  Since we work from applications to match available dogs to new owners, many dogs are adopted before they are posted on our FB page or website.
If you wish to adopt a poodle, submitting an application is always the first step.  To start the process, please fill out an Adopt a Poodle form!
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