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If you need to surrender your Standard Poodle for any reason, please contact MSPR before taking it to a shelter!  A shelter is stressful, confusing, and scary for dogs, and they can easily fall into the wrong hands! We can provide a safe, loving, and quiet transition to a new home. 


Our extensive adoption process ensures that poodles go only to the best homes.  Because we are a breed-specific rescue, we have the knowledge and experience to deal with the unique needs of a Standard Poodle.  You can help by completing a Surrender Form and being completely candid about imperfections, issues and circumstances that have led to your decision to rehome your poodle. Your input is invaluable!  We are not judgmental, and information you provide can help us find a perfect match between your poodle and a new owner.  


We treat the placement of each poodle as if we are re-homing our own dog, so we do not adopt out dogs on a first-come/first-serve basis We have a waiting list of approved applicants. 


We do not charge for our service, but donations are appreciated.  Every cent goes towards veterinary care, rehabilitation and the wellness of your dog and the ones who come afterwards.


We will need photos of your poodle, veterinary record and a vaccination schedule. If your dog has not been to a veterinarian or hasn’t had vaccinations, no problem, just please let us know.  Can your poodle remain in your home until it is rehomed or do you need us to secure a foster home? What is your time frame? Is it an emergency?

We promise to put abundant time and effort into every dog that comes into our care. We rehome each dog as if it were our own and will settle for nothing but the best! We conduct home checks, vet references, and personal references. We verify information. Our adoption application is lengthy and specific, and we closely review each applicant. If your dog is not neutered or spayed, we will ensure that this is done. We will update vaccinations and provide medical care, as needed. We require that each adopter sign an adoption agreement that mandates the dog be returned to MSPR if the dog must be re-homed, ever. We adopt out dogs only within our home state of Michigan or to neighboring states.  We will not ship your dog. Potential adopters must be able to drive to meet the dog face-to-face.  We take pride in finding a perfect fit for your dog, based on our experience and dedication, and the information you provide.  Please do not hesitate to call with questions, concerns, or even a little hand-holding. We understand that rehoming your dog may be difficult and emotional. We are here to help.


Please fill out the surrender form below and send it to

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