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On April 9th, six of our dogs from Operation Rescue were accepted into and entered the prison dog program (known as MiPAWS – Michigan Inmates Providing Assistance, Work and Service) at The Michigan Department of Corrections in Ionia.  Two weeks later, Mikey joined them as they had room for one more dog. This program operates by assigning a pair of prisoner dog trainers a single dog and their job is “dog handler” a 24hr/7day a week work assignment for the entire period the dog is inside the prison. They have a specially fenced area for the dogs to be exercised off-leash and get some play time.


This program has the ability to not only socialize the dog but teach the dog what appropriate behavior is, housetrain the dog, and teach it basic commands.  Their objective with every group of dogs is to graduate them at the end of 8-10 weeks with each dog capable of passing the AKC Canine Good Citizenship exam.


This program is in it's 6th year and is overseen by a certified dog trainer with over 20 years of experience in training and rescue work.


We received periodic updates on the 6 dogs in this program (Larry, Luther, Ziggy, Nicky, Asher, and Oliver) and they are very interesting to read.


Just click on any of the daily updates for the complete story.









Updates from the inmates :-)

May 16, 2014

Last week we had the dogs go to “grandma’s” for two days (ie switched them with another set of handlers).  We did this for three reasons:


  •  To see...

Updates from the inmates :-)

May 9, 2014

More updates from the Inmates.  Even though these dogs all came from the same unfortunate situation, they are all progressing at their own rate and ea...

Updates from the inmates :-)

May 6, 2014

OMG!  We just received hand written progress reports from the inmates that are caring for these precious pooches.  They will make you laugh and cry....

Day 11

April 21, 2014

Teri also reports that there are 4 Shelties in the program in addition to our 6 Standard Poodles.  She thinks Freddy the Shelties is half sure that th...

Day 11

April 21, 2014



Update from Teri on what's going on with the dogs:  "We let them settle in the first week and basically learn the routine of the prison (weapons quali...

Day One

April 10, 2014

Guys were all having a blast, as were the poodles in the yard for a good hour and a half yesterday, all went outdoors properly to the bathroom, the gu...

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