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The Team!


The MSPR Team consists entirely of volunteers who donate their time to love and serve Standard Poodles in need.


Barb (Founder):
Handles all incoming surrenders, fosters, and re-homes,  (989) 450-4009, Barb has a Standard Poodle and a Standard Poodle mix, as well as a Shih Tzu, all rescues. 


Nancy (Adoption Coordinator, Writer, and rescue jack-of-all-trades):

Answers questions about adopting and screens applications, updates our Facebook Page. (989) 225-0510. Nancy has two Standard Poodle rescues. Read her blog post about saying goodbye to her beloved poodle Beau, An Unanticipated Journey to the RainBeau Bridge*. We suggest that you have your tissues close at hand.


Shelly (Website Manager):
If you see anything amiss or not working properly, contact her at  Shelly doesn’t have a Standard Poodle; she is a lover of all animals, but mostly cats. 😊


We have many, many volunteers who help by fostering, transporting and by dropping everything to help a poodle in need..  A few stand-outs deserve recognition: 


Annette and Larry have been with us since the beginning. Annette was our #1 volunteer in 2014 when we had 15 Standard Poodles come in from a puppy mill.  She ended up adopting one of them.  When I suggested the pup should have a fenced yard, Larry fenced almost an acre! They have been fostering ever since. That yard has been enjoyed over and over again and has become a happy place for many dogs in transition.  Annette and Larry have two Standard Poodles, both rescues.


Paula opened up her heart and home to adopt a dog, a few years back.  Since then, she retired, and purchased a lovely home with a fenced acre that has been a doggy paradise to many fosters. Paula has one Standard Poodle Rescue.


Jim and Mary fostered many dogs before they eventually became foster failures (like so many others before them), and adopted the foster dog.  They have continued to volunteer any way they can. They have transported dogs all over the state at a moment’s notice, and have amazing stories to tell.  Jim and Mary have one Standard Poodle Rescue.


Becky and Santana from Pet Pals, in Auburn MI always squeeze in a dog in need of a shampoo and a haircut.  They will always be remembered for working through the day and night on the "dirty dozen" that were part of Operation Rescue. Becky has one rescued boxer-mix and Santana has five dogs, including one Standard Poodle.


Geoff is the ad man who donated a week out of his life to do what he does best - recreate the website. Geoff has a morkie named Eddie.


All the Veterinarians who treat dogs and reduce fees for a poor rescue. 


And to so many others who have played a role (and still do) transporting and fostering. We are so grateful!


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