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Annabelle & Georgio - More Information


Annabelle and Georgio, a bonded pair, were rescued from a very unfortunate hoarding situation.  Both are spayed and neutered but need to get utd on vaccinations and vet checked.  They have been treated for fleas.  They lived in a house with cats and chickens so at least we know they get along with them :-)  They are currently in foster and seem to be adapting well and are getting along with the resident dogs.  They have been through a lot and it will take a bit for their true personalities to show through.  So far they are going outside to potty with no accidents.  They are very bonded and even eat from the same bowl even though they each get their own.


Georgio is a 4 yr old neutered male Standard Poodle--he weighs in at about 40lbs. A little shy at first, but does warm up. Annabelle is a 5 year old spayed Goldendoodle. She is very sweet--very sweet indeed. She weighs about 60lbs.


Stay tuned for more information.


Adoption fee is $300.00 per dog.



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