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Beau is a 19 month old small poodle, who is looking for a new forever home. He is not yet neutered and this will be a requirement as part of his adoption. He is house trained and crate trained.  He loves to cuddle, give kisses, and is very entertaining, Beau loves to play fetch and will play for hours. He also loves his toys.


Like many small dogs, Beau can be very protective of his crate (his safe space ) and will growl / warn you that he is not comfortable with anyone putting their hand in his crate. He recently bit the groomer (no medical attention required) when she put her hand in to take him out of his crate. This has made the current owner uncomfortable as they have small children.


Beau would do fine in a home where someone would respect his safe spot and understand the small dog syndrome that many of these little guys can possess.


Beau does currently live with two other female small poodles and loves to play with them. Not sure about cats.



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