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Benny - More Info


Benny was rescued by a veterinarian couple, who took him from an SPCA shelter in Cincinnati late last year when he was brought in by his owner to be euthanized as they could not afford to treat him..  They neutered him, removed a large, painfully infected cyst on his lower back, and cleaned his teeth. Unfortunately, he also developed a GDV while he was there, so they surgically intervened and tacked his stomach, too. He has been vaccinated and heartworm tested negative. As you can see from the second photo, he was fairly neglected when he came to them. The first photo is after his first surgery, when they also shaved off all his matts.

Benny is a very sweet fellow. They estimate his age to be 7 to 8 years. He does seem to prefer men to women, but warms up well with treats!  They are willing to continue housing him until a new family can be found. 


Here is some additional information from the Vet staff where Benny is being housed until a new home can be found.


He seems to be fine with other dogs, he has been around the clinic with other dogs for the last few months. He can be a bit reactive to other dogs when he is in the kennel and they are running past, but all he seems interested in doing is barking. He is indifferent to cats, and has not shown any inclination toward chasing them that I have seen.


We haven't observed him around kids (and we don't have any to try him out on).


He loves to be outside,so I do think a fence would be best for him, as with most dogs. He does seem to be very comfortable in the kennels at work, will go in quite willingly when told to "kennel." Per our kennel staff, he has NEVER had an accident in the kennel, not even overnight. For right now, he is living in the kennel at the clinic, sleeps very contentedly in his Kuranda hammock bed. Not destructive to bowls, the bed, or his blankets. He has not shown much interest in toys. I don't know if he never had any, if we haven't found the right toy, or if he has "outgrown" the toy phase.


I don't think he will be a fabulous dog for the groomer, and he can be a little funny about having his eyes wiped, but my husband shaved his beard while one of our assistants held him, and he did fine. Initially, he was so badly matted that we shaved him while under anesthesia for his neuter and mass removals. As a result, I don't know too much about how he would do for a full body grooming. The original owner's primary complaint was that he nipped at her while she was trying to groom him, but you saw what he looked like, and it also looked like she had started with the area over his large, painful, infected cyst. I DO think, given the right (patient) groomer and a lot of treats, he could be managed quite well on a regular grooming schedule. As a vet, I know a lot of dogs that are great family pets, but aren't the best grooming clients. Right now, he is at the point where he probably needs to be groomed again. He isn't matted, just a bit shaggy and untidy.


Generally, his personality is very affectionate and slightly goofy. He sits, shakes with one foot, then the other. If my husband lies down on the floor and pats his chest, Benny will usually rest his head on Phil's shoulder, or bury his face in his armpit. He would enjoy more physical activity than he is getting right now, I am sure. I think he would make a great walking partner for someone. As I said, he does seem to be more wary of women than men, but even the women at the clinic of which he was initially highly suspicious are okay after they chuck him some treats.


He hasn't been a picky eater, but does like a little canned food mixed with his dry food. He loves just about any dog treat we have tried with him.  Food will go a long way to dealing with any behavior issues he might have., 

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