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Curly - Adopted!!



Curly was rescued from an unfortunate situation where he spent most of his life in a kennel with little contact with people or the outside world. He is almost 3 years old. Curly is a very Tall guy.  He is a bit more cautious than Larry but coming around. He will be neutered late this week and ready for Foster or a permanent home with the right family / person.


Curly is anxious to bond with someone. Once you gain his trust he will the most loyal companion you could ever ask for. He has just started to wag his tail and is learning to play. His eyes say it all. I took him out on a leash last night for the first time, he was skeptical but came around. Curly has not had any accidents in his kennel since arriving, and should adapt to housebreaking. He too will need patience as everything is new to him. 


4/10/14  ADOPTED!  Curly went to his forever home a few days ago and has a new name for his new life:  JACKSON.  He has 2 sisters, an 11 yr old mini poodle, and a 7 year old standard poodle along with his 2 legged mom / dad and 18 year old boy.  He has great big yard to romp around in after being confined to such a small space for years.  We couldn't be happier!  We'll post updates from his new family when we get a minute.


4/14/14 Jackson came to work with me one day when no one would be home for a long stretch of time (pic. #2). I'm fortunate to have that option. He did really well with all the new sounds and people (it's a manufacturing shop so lot's of weird sounds).


We had no issues introducing him to the rest of our "pack". I believe the other 3 know he's got some issues he has to work through and they seem quite patient with him. Though our temporary little boy wasn't impressed getting downsized to a smaller crate ;)

We are letting Jackson work through his issues at his own pace. He seems most at ease outside, and will stay out for long stretches of time. We leave the door to his crate open, and when wh comes in (or we bring him in) he does go in the crate quite a bit. He'll venture out to see what everyone is doing, but if one of us tries to talk to him he heads back to the crate. It's his safety zone and we just let it be that.


I have a feeling that you rescuers were not given the full details of these poor boys lives. So for now we just give him lovin' and let him take things as he is comfortable with. I've been walking him every day since it's been nice. He does very well, and the walks are just he and I. I feel he's getting much more confident when we encounter new things out and about.


When we are all in the back yard he does engage in play with the other dogs. Everyone seems to enjoy a game of "get 'em" - where someone is chasing someone else. He also enjoys helping in the squirrel races. I often wonder what is going through the little brain of these dumb squirrels when there are 4 dogs chasing it at top speed all barking?!? LOL!


We know his adjustments will take time, he's such a sweet natured boy, and it breaks my heart to think what a miserable existence he had up until now. I am hoping his food issues (he won't eat when anyone's around, and the other dogs do not go after his thing I don't have is food aggressive dogs) settle down so he will be comfortable eating when everyone else eats. As soon as we can get him to be food motivated (he won't take treats...we are still trying to find something he 'can't resist') the plan is to take him to classes to socialize him to humans (as he's really quite good with other dogs it appears).


So all in all I think it's going pretty well. We do see signs of him getting in on 'regular dog activities', and also that he's a little braver each day. So we'll just keep being patient and offering him nothing but love. I wish we could have adopted 2, but 3 is our limit (number 4 will be going home in May when his parents return from Japan). Thanks again for letting us get this beautiful boy. I know he's going to turn into a awesome companion! He's very smart!!


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