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Yogi & Carter


Yogi and Carter are two male standard poodle brothers that are very bonded. Both are jet black,10 years old, and UTD. Carter is not yet neutered and depending on what the vet recommends it may be fine at his age. However he can not be used for breeding.

Current owner raised them both together from puppyhood and would really like them to stay together. Because of a recent health diganosis she will no longer be able to care for or keep them.


Both dogs get along great with all dogs and children of all ages. They are both housetrained and have free run of the house without any issues.


Yogi is neutered and a total sweetheart.  He is described as the perfect dog!  He knows several commands and loves everyone. He loves his blankie and pillow and will sleep whereever it is placed.


Carter is not yet neutered and is a bit of a clown. He is very lovable but an escape artist.  He is very active and playful and will tire Yogi out with his energy level. He can jump a 6 foot fence, balance himself on a railing of a deck, and can open doors and gates.  He is easily caught --but loves the challenge. In a perfect world a 7 foot fence would be great. In a not so perfect world he will probably need to be taken out on a lead until acclimated. He is a real lover and also loves his pillow and blankie.


These boys are very laid back and have many years of love to offer someone. The dogs are not from MI, but the owner will personally drive them up here if the right home can be found.

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