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Gracie - More Info


Gracie is a beautiful purebred black female Standard Poodle. She is 8 yrs old, spayed and UTD on shots. The current family has had Gracie since she was 10 wks old. They now have 4 young children and she is getting hard to handle since she isn't getting enough attention and the kids can get wild.  She has become nervous around the kids and has a bad habit of taking food from the kids and the baby is going to start crawling soon. For the most part, she is very well behaved. For some reason she hates windows being open or closed so will bark every time she hears this happening. She is okay around children but gets really jumpy around them especially when they are very active and is she is 60 lbs, so she can scare young kids.  For these reason, a home with older children would be best.


She will not do well in a home with other animals. She either hates other animals or is terrified of them, there is no happy medium. She is a great watchdog and barks a lot when she is in the front of the house. She is very protective of the family's kids and barks when new adults are around them. When she is in the back of the house, she is quiet. When  Grace was younger she would chase cars and bikes the few times she was off the leash in front of the house. In recent years she has stopped this. Grace is a great running dog, and can run  45 minute in nice weather and she loves it. Grace is very well house trained and has free run of the house. She is usually not alone as her current parents work opposite shifts, but can on occasion be left up to 8 hours with no problems.



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