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Gretta - More Info


A very dear friend and special volunteer for our group needs to rehome her beloved Gretta.  Gretta was one of the standard poodles from our rescue operation back in the summer of 2014 in which resulted in 150 spoos being rescued from inhumane conditions. The dogs were living in a horse barn with no windows, light, or ventilation.  You can click on "Operation Rescue" in the menu to learn more about this incredible endeavor.


From Gretta's current mom:  With a very heavy heart we have decided we have to rehome one of our poodles, Gretta. Unfortunately she's getting more and more uncomfortable with Lachlan. She's doing a lot of growling. I have been working with a trainer but it's just not fair to Gretta. If she's on the couch and Lachlan walks by she's growling, jumps off and sometimes runs him over to get away. We don't believe that her growling is aggression but more of being annoyed and feeling she has to bolt. She has never growled before, just since Lachlan started walking. The great news is she always runs away. The bad news is she is just getting more uncomfortable. She'll stay in the "dog room" just to be away from him. We don't feel she's going to bite, but it's just not fair for her to feel the way she feels.
She isn't going to be the easiest to rehome and that's why we have been so hesitant to do this. She has a lot of quirks about her. She was from the big rescue in Howell. So here is all the info on Gretta:
She is afraid of tight places ie, door jams being cornered.
She has never gotten an eating schedule down. We free feed our dogs. Gretta will eat an entire bowl then not eat for a day or 2, we're guessing it's how she was raised.
She doesn't come when called. She will drop where ever she is, roll on her back and do the poodle smile and sneeze.
She's very silly about putting a leash on But she loves walks.
She hates sudden noises and usually run.
She will bark and bark and bark if a man comes over. She's very protective!! We had a friend come over to let the dogs out and Gretta charged, my friend had to say "Gretta what's wrong" then she calmed right down and was very happy. My friend believes if she didn't say her name Gretta would have stand her ground!!
She LOVES to just relax on the couch
She LOVES all people as long as she is properly introduced.
She gets along with all animals (I have just about everything)
She's great in the car
She's fantastic being groomed, I do her every 3-4 weeks. But you need to go slower with her. She can't go to some chopshop groomer who trys to cram 10+ dogs in one morning. She's still a little skiddish around a lot of things.
She is crate trained and loves her crate!
I honestly think she needs to be with at least one other dog, I don't think she'd do well as an only dog.
She has to go to a VERY patient person. Sometimes her quirks get very annoying. She had to go to a person who realizes she's not showing any aggression, she's just doing her poodle smile!
We believe she's about 5. I have 3 different papers with 3 different ages from when she was seen after being rescued. My vet put her around 2-3 two years ago. She is spayed and utd on everything!
I'm still have an extremely hard time with this and I do NOT want her ending up in the wrong hands.


Therefore, Gretta needs to go to a home with a fenced yard, another doggie playmate, no children under 12, and who is very patient.  A plus would be someone who has experience with a puppy-mill dog.  She will need to be on-leash whenever outside of her fenced yard.

Because Gretta's mom is one of our approved foster families and very familiar with the breed, she will be personnally approving of the home that Gretta goes to.  

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