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Lucky - More Info


This 5 year old neutered charcoal gray Standard Poodle is looking for a forever home. His name is Lucky.

After the death of his elderly male owner, Lucky developed behaviors that weren't compatible with apartment living. He needs a gentle female owner who doesn't mind if he curls up next to her on a sofa or bed. He will heel beautifully on walks. He gets along well with other dogs, cats and children. He loves playing with his toys. He is very intelligent and tries hard to please.

Now the challenge: He has developed a fear of men accompanied by aggressive behavior. He will need training and love to alter this behavior.

Additionally, he was prescribed a low fat intestinal diet after an episode of acute pancreatitis. His symptoms have resolved but the diet is essential to avoid a relapse.

Could you be the loving human he's needed in his life?

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