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Luther - more info


Luther was one of the puppy mill rescue dogs. (see story under Operation Rescue) He is about 2 years old, Luther completed the MI Paws Program at the Ionia State Prison. He was adopted by a family a with teenage girls and a toddler. He also lives with Cats / chickens / horses and other dogs.

Luther is an amazing dog, very smart, housebroken, neutered, up to date on all vaccines etc. Luther has been in his new home for about 5 months now, The family has made the difficult decision that they must do the right thing for Luther and find him a new home. They have exhausted their efforts in trying to make him a family dog. He has only allowed himself to bond with their 13 year old daughter. He wants nothing to do with any of the other family members. He will not even come in from the cold if she is not home. They feel he would do best in a quieter home environment without small children and loud noises. He does love the outdoors, swimming , hiking etc, and will follow you everywhere if he bonds. He rides great in a car. He needs to learn to trust.  If you have the time, patience and commitment, I believe Luther would make the right person an exceptional dog. When he was in the prison program he did bond very well with his handler (a male)  so i do not feel he necessarily needs a female master, probably just ONE master would be best.


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