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April 2, 2014

Moe was rescued from an unfortunate situation where he spent most of his life in a kennel with little contact with people or the outside world.  He is almost 3 years old. Initially Moe was one of the most shut down but he is a totally new dog!!  You would never know he was the same dog that was rescued 8 weeks ago.  Moe loves people, loves playing with other dogs, loves to play "chase" with his foster sister Molly, and walks beautifully on a leash.  He is feeling so comfortable in his foster home that he is even getting a little sneaky.  He stole a piece of bread off the counter, and chewed up an adoption application that was on the table.  Poodles are so smart.  He is learning to get in and out of a car on his own....shouldn't take too much longer now that he realizes he gets to go to fun places.  He is still a bit unsure about little people (kids) and likes to bark at them.  Since he has never been around kids we think he is trying to figure out what they are :-)  Moe would do best in a home without little ones and he would love to have a playmate to play "chase" with.



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