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Elwood - ADOPTED!!

April 1, 2014

Elwood was rescued from an unfortunate situation where he spent most of his life in a kennel with little contact with people or the outside world.  He is 1 year old Standard Poodle and Wheaton Terrier Mix, and like most puppies, very energetic. 


Elwood loves to run! He also loves to play chase and have his belly rubbed. He likes his big crate. He would stay in it all day if you let him. Door open during day, still closed at night.

Elwood is still afraid of sudden moves,  loud noises, and going through doors.

He is in obedience school and is working on basic commands.

His favorite Treats/Rewards are kashi shredded wheat cereal, bananas and rice cakes and hot dogs I use for training at class.

he loves to be petted on his head and  ears and loves tummy rubs and body rub downs. He likes being rubbed with a towel when he comes in from outside if he is wet. He doesn't mind his feet being wiped.

Elwood is a pretty easy going dog. He doesn't jump on people or furniture. He is making better eye contact. He really likes me a lot. He tolerates my husband and I can't figure out why. He has never been mean to him, but I think some man was at sometime or he is protecting me. He eats well. He smiles a lot. He really is a sweetheart. He will let you pet him for hours. That is his favorite pass time.



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